Team 1Name:  Rachele Evers

& Deb Drick


  • Rachele – Owner & Real Estate Agent
  • Deb – Executive Director

Rachele and Deb are being coached by Amy Prochazka, a dance

consultant for the Brighton Pom Pom team and Cleary University

Dance Team.



  • Rachele is Founder of Livingston Lifestyles at 3DX Real Estate
  • Deb is Executive Director of G1NBC.

Dancing Experience:

  • Rachele shares that she took jazz dance classes at Glenn’s School

    of Dance in 6th & 7th grade.  “Past that it’s usually weddings and

    maybe clubbing while I was in college.”

  • Deb shares that she had one dance class many years ago, and is

    fully expecting Rachele to carry the team!

Organization Affiliations:

  • Rachele – Former member of the

    Board of Directors for the ARC of Livingston Cty., former member of

    the Brighton Rotary Club – also serving on the Board of Directors,

    former Board member for Special Ministries of Livingston Cty., current

    Board member of the foundation for Work Skills, long-standing

    member of Howell Chamber of Commerce, graduate of Leadership

    Livingston 2017-2018, active supporter of multiple non-profits in the

    community, member of Livingston County Assoc. of


  • Deb – Leadership Livingston

    facilitator for 25 years, Howell Order of the Eastern Star, former Howell

    Rotarian, former Howell School Board member.

Tonight’s Song: 

Rachele states that Deb chose the song.  “It’s a great song and

I’ll dance to anything for a good cause.”  And Deb states they chose

the song because it has a great variety of beats to dance to and it’s

highly recognizable.  She states, “that way if nobody likes our dancing,

at least they’ll like our song!”

Tell Us About Yourself:

  • Rachele is an active member of the community and believes

    strongly that Livingston County is one of the greatest places in the

    world to live.  “I was born in McPherson hospital ages ago and after a

    decade or so of living in other places throughout Michigan, I came

    back and have firmly planted roots in my hometown.”  Rachele has

    three children: Nash (20), Anna (19), and Thea (18) and her “fake”

    husband, Mark Barnett.  Rachele is a strong advocate for Real Estate

    property owner rights and home ownership.  She specializes in real

    estate transactions involving downsizing estate handling, upsizing

    merging households and divorces for sellers.  “I am also an advocate

    for rights and freedoms for those with disabilities.  I am a parent of 2

    adult children on the spectrum, which has absolutely given me a

    unique and compassionate perspective for understanding that we all

    truly have our own path.”

  • Deb is married to Jay (27 years) and they have 3 children and 8

    grandchildren.  She is a 44 year resident of Livingston County, alum of

    Howell High School and Cleary University.  She is very active and

    supportive of her community, enjoys reading, writing, gardening and

    singing.  “I think LCCC should have a Singing with the Stars…I’d feel

    better about doing that :D”

Something Funny:

Deb shares that she and her husband are polar opposites and it’s

quite funny when someone who knows one of them, meets the other

and finds out they’re married. She says, “the look on their face is


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